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MCKC History

Proudly Established in 1921

Tulsa, Oklahoma is a great city with a great history and Mid-Continent Kennel Club is proud to be a part of the city’s history since 1921. We are one of the oldest dog clubs on the American Kennel Club roster. Our first dog show was in 1921, but sadly like many organizations originated in the early difficult years of the 1920’s we were forced to disband for a couple of years.

In 1932 a dedicated group of purebred dog enthusiasts came back together and reformed the club we continue with today. We have been host to many canine events in the Tulsa area over the years.


The COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 caused our shows to be closed to the public and 100th anniversary celebrations canceled. In keeping with our mission statement of promoting responsible dog ownership, we became a community partner that continues today with Meals on Wheels’ PAWS program. With the pandemic over, we can again fulfill the second part of our mission statement of promoting the sports of the purebred dog by providing memorable dog events for exhibitors and spectators for many years to come.  Mark your calendar and plan to attend our next show back at Tulsa Expo Square here in beautiful Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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MCKC's Legacy of Success

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